Aluminum Transportation Profile

Aluminum Transportation Profile

Short Description:

Production Capacity:  100, 000 Tons/ Year

Payment Terms:  T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

Certification:  ISO9001, RoHS,

Shape:  As per customized drawing

Material available:  Aluminum alloy 1000-8000series

Machinery in Process:  Metal Recycling Machine, Metal Cutting Machine, Metal Straightening Machinery, Metal Spinning Machinery, Metal Processing Machinery Parts, Metal forging Machinery, Metal Engraving Machinery, Metal Drawing Machinery, Metal Coating Machinery, Metal Casting Machinery

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The aluminum extrusion motor body formed by hot extrusion has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good heat dissipation performance, beautiful surface, corrosion resistance, no cutting in the inner chamber, etc. Because of the poor concentricity between the shell and the end cover in the traditional processing of aluminum profile of motor shell, the motor running noise of aluminum alloy shell is large. According to the processing method of the aluminum profile of the motor shell, a processing tool for the aluminum extrusion motor bodyis designed. The aluminum extrusion motor body can be processed by two end stops of the aluminum extrusion motor body after one clamping. The concentricity of the inner hole of the aluminum extrusion motor bodyis ≤ 0.02mm, which can improve the production efficiency by more than one time, and solve the problem of large noise of the aluminum profile motor of the motor shell.


Aluminium Rail profile is the process by which Aluminium material is forced through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile Railway one of the waste sections to using multiple formats of Aluminium of diverse range Aluminium rail Profile nowadays a very powerful demand by this waste industry Aluminium such has a high density of the material and fulfilling for multiple requirements as per industry standard. The automotive industry depends on the Aluminium rail profile for a number of small to large uses. Sometimes very complicated design is structured by Aluminium profile and very capable to being molded into complex shapes.
Aluminium profile for railways – It’s capable of strength to molded in multiple sizes and shapes at the same time profile is used for automotive industry need to be very strong and enough to be able to dally uses and very acceptable according to multiple weather condition to maintain durability.

Various uses of Aluminium Rail profile

1.Rail Engine structure made by it – Aluminium rail profiles are used in various platforms such as multiple verities of rail engines.
2.Used in Many Fuel equipment – Aluminium Rail profile used in many Fuel equipment to store Fuel for engines supply.
3.Outer safety guards of the Vehicle like the bumpers. – well safety guards are very important and as well outer safety guards and all are made by these main and important materials.
4.Used in multiple beams, roof railing – Well Aluminium Rail profile used in multiple beams and roof railing because the roof is a very important part of Aluminium rail profile.
5.Seat sides, seat mobility feature enables and neck rest – some major and small objects are fully made by Aluminium Rail profile such as Seat side is made by Aluminium rail profile and seat mobility features and neck rest.
6.A very complex sunroof channel – well maintain sunroof channels by Aluminium rail profile one of the main and important objects.
7.Internal design like dashboards – Internal design of every Single Rail coach made by Aluminium rail profile for its solid structure.
8.Sun Blockers, door handles, and many other parts – Many others parts such as Sun Blockers, door handles completely made by the materials.
9.Condensing tubes, extruded tubes with more than one hollow chamber Aluminium Rail Profile one of the main and solid materials for this waste industry and using on multiple steps

Major Advantages of Aluminium profile for railways

1.Low Maintenance – Aluminium profile for railways is very low in maintenance. And easy to customize according to budget and requiring top of commercial projects.
2.Durability – Aluminium with powder coat Definitely prevent to resist metal coating or any chemical treatment make their durability on the high label.
3.Strength – Aluminium is a non-ferrous material and prevents your objects from decay or rust.
4.Affordable – Aluminium profile for railways is very affordable as compare to any other wrought iron.
5.Installation – Aluminium profile for railways can be installed in just a few hours and the Process is very simple.
6.Versatility – Aluminium profile for railways available in a variety of colors and multiple styles or Patterns.

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  • Surface Treatment

    The common use package of aluminum profiles

    1. Ruiqifeng Standard Packing:

    Stick the PE protective film on the surface. Then the aluminium profiles will be wrapped into a bundle by the shrink film. Sometimes, the customer asks to add a pearl foam inside cover the aluminium profiles. Shrink film can have your logo.

    ytrytr (1)

    2. Paper Packing:

    Stick the PE protective film on the surface. Then the number of aluminium profiles will be wrapped into a bundle by the paper. You can add your logo to the paper. There have two options for paper. Roll of Kraft paper and straight Kraft paper. The way of using of two kinds of paper is different. Check the picture below you will know it.


    3. Standard packing + Cardboard box

    The aluminium profiles will be packed with the standard packing. And then pack in the carton. Last, add the wooden board around the carton. Or let the carton load the Wooden pallets.

    ytrytr (2)

    4. Standard Packing + Wooden Board

    First, it will be packed in standard packing. And then add the wooden board around as the bracket. In this way, the customer can use the forklift to unload the aluminium profiles. That can help them save the cost.

    However, they will change the standard packing to reduce the cost. For example, they just need to stick to the PE protective film. Cancel the shrink film.

    Here are a few points to note:

    a. Every wooden strip is the same size and length in the same bundle.

    b. The distance between the wooden strips must be equal.

    c. The wooden strip must be stacked on the wooden strip when loading. It cannot be directly pressed over the aluminium profile. This will crush and smear the aluminium profile.

    d. Before the packing and loading, the packing department should calculate the CBM and weight first. If not it will waste much space.

    Below is the picture of the correct packing。

    ytrytr (4)

    5. Standard Packing + Wooden Box

    First, it will be packed with standard packing. And then pack in the wooden box. There also will have a wooden board around the wooden box for the forklift. The cost of this packing is higher than the other one. Please notice that there must have foam inside the wooden box to prevent the crash.

    ytrytr (5)

    The above is just the common packing. Of course, there are many different packing ways. We appreciate hearing your requirement. Contact us now.

    Loading & Shipment

    ytrytr (3)


    Factory Tour

    As we all know, the economy is not very good this year, and raw materials are rising rapidly, so many companies will face the pressure of cost. However, we are in the resource place of bauxite, and we get the high quality  liquid aluminum from the CHALCO, besides, we have the melting&casting workshop, mold manufacturing center, extrusion factory, and deep processing plant. All of these favorable factors mean we could provide you with more competitive prices, one-stop service, and guaranteed quality.

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    If not sure which item is right for you? please don’t hesitate to contact Ruiqifeng Technical, or directly call us at +86 13556890771, or request an estimate via Email (info@aluminum-artist.com).

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