Extruded Aluminum Heat sink

Extruded Aluminum Heat sink

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Ruiqifeng is an extruded aluminium heatsink manufacturer with a wide range of sizes and configurations for extruded aluminum heat sinks, many of which are actually industry standards. You can ask us for the aluminum extruded heat sink you need. Even if you can’t find a product that exactly matches your needs, we can work with you to design customized heat sink extrusion to meet your specific needs.

Ruiqifeng extruded heat sinks are widely used in a variety of industries, including architecture, information technology, consumer, medical, LED lighting and power conversion, etc. Aluminum heat sink enclosure is suitable to be used as a power heatsink amplifier, power supply, and industrial controls, etc.

The main advantages of Ruiqifeng aluminum extruded heat sinks are as follows:

1.One-stop design & manufacturing solutions save your whole cost
2.Standard existing extruded heat sink with standard size save your initial cost
3.Fast shipment of standard extruded heat sink size
4.Thousands available molds for your alternative
5.Customized your own design with our latest tooling technology

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Extruded heat sinks are also known as heat sink extrusion or extruded aluminum heat sink, heat sink extrusion with beautiful appearance, lightweight, good heat dissipation performance, energy-saving effect. Simply put, aluminum heat sink extrusion technology is to heat aluminum ingots to 520~540℃ at high temperature, under high pressure to let the aluminum liquid flow through the heat sink extrusion mould with grooves, to make the extruded heat sink material. Then, the extruded aluminum heat sink we often see is made after cutting and cutting the heat sink extrusion material. Aluminum heat sink extrusion technology is easy to realize, and the cost of equipment is relatively low, so it has been widely used in the low-end market in previous years. AL6063 is a commonly used aluminum heat sink material with good thermal conductivity and machinability.

Ruiqifeng relying on long-term accumulated technical experience and production process sets aluminum alloy profiles with good thermal conductivity and other characteristics and develops a customized aluminum extruded heat sink that can meet customers' requirements of product differentiation, specialization and personalization. The finished extruded heat sinks surface is anodized to improve the corrosion resistance, wear-resistance and appearance of aluminum. At present, the commonly used types of extruded aluminum heat sink in China are electronic heat sink, computer heat sink, sunflower heat sink, power semiconductor heatsink and so on. Because of their superior performance, extruded aluminum heat sinks are widely used in machinery, automobile, wind power, construction machinery, air compressor, railway locomotive, household appliances and other industries.

Extruded heat sinks are generally high power heat sink and cooling systems. Ruiqifeng thermal can provide reliable natural convection environment solutions according to the existing mature technology of extruded aluminum heat sink. Aluminum heat sink extrusion moulding can be achieved through the mould, which can realize the complex structure of the heat sink fin. These complex radiating fins make the radiating surface area more prominent and reduce the cost and time of aluminum processing.

The main advantages of aluminum extruded heat sinks are as follows:

1. More efficient than stamping heat sink

2. More cost-saving than mechanical processing

3. There are a variety of standard shapes and sizes

4. Easily customized than copper lighter, obvious advantage

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  • Surface Treatment

    The common use package of aluminum profiles

    1. Ruiqifeng Standard Packing:

    Stick the PE protective film on the surface. Then the aluminium profiles will be wrapped into a bundle by the shrink film. Sometimes, the customer asks to add a pearl foam inside cover the aluminium profiles. Shrink film can have your logo.

    ytrytr (1)

    2. Paper Packing:

    Stick the PE protective film on the surface. Then the number of aluminium profiles will be wrapped into a bundle by the paper. You can add your logo to the paper. There have two options for paper. Roll of Kraft paper and straight Kraft paper. The way of using of two kinds of paper is different. Check the picture below you will know it.


    3. Standard packing + Cardboard box

    The aluminium profiles will be packed with the standard packing. And then pack in the carton. Last, add the wooden board around the carton. Or let the carton load the Wooden pallets.

    ytrytr (2)

    4. Standard Packing + Wooden Board

    First, it will be packed in standard packing. And then add the wooden board around as the bracket. In this way, the customer can use the forklift to unload the aluminium profiles. That can help them save the cost.

    However, they will change the standard packing to reduce the cost. For example, they just need to stick to the PE protective film. Cancel the shrink film.

    Here are a few points to note:

    a. Every wooden strip is the same size and length in the same bundle.

    b. The distance between the wooden strips must be equal.

    c. The wooden strip must be stacked on the wooden strip when loading. It cannot be directly pressed over the aluminium profile. This will crush and smear the aluminium profile.

    d. Before the packing and loading, the packing department should calculate the CBM and weight first. If not it will waste much space.

    Below is the picture of the correct packing。

    ytrytr (4)

    5. Standard Packing + Wooden Box

    First, it will be packed with standard packing. And then pack in the wooden box. There also will have a wooden board around the wooden box for the forklift. The cost of this packing is higher than the other one. Please notice that there must have foam inside the wooden box to prevent the crash.

    ytrytr (5)

    The above is just the common packing. Of course, there are many different packing ways. We appreciate hearing your requirement. Contact us now.

    Loading & Shipment

    ytrytr (3)


    Factory Tour

    As we all know, the economy is not very good this year, and raw materials are rising rapidly, so many companies will face the pressure of cost. However, we are in the resource place of bauxite, and we get the high quality  liquid aluminum from the CHALCO, besides, we have the melting&casting workshop, mold manufacturing center, extrusion factory, and deep processing plant. All of these favorable factors mean we could provide you with more competitive prices, one-stop service, and guaranteed quality.

    Why Choose US-Ruiqifeng New Material

    If not sure which item is right for you? please don’t hesitate to contact Ruiqifeng Technical, or directly call us at +86 13556890771, or request an estimate via Email (info@aluminum-artist.com).

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