Extruded Aluminum Heat sink

  • Extruded Aluminum Heat sink

    Extruded Aluminum Heat sink

    Ruiqifeng is an extruded aluminium heatsink manufacturer with a wide range of sizes and configurations for extruded aluminum heat sinks, many of which are actually industry standards. You can ask us for the aluminum extruded heat sink you need. Even if you can’t find a product that exactly matches your needs, we can work with you to design customized heat sink extrusion to meet your specific needs.

    Ruiqifeng extruded heat sinks are widely used in a variety of industries, including architecture, information technology, consumer, medical, LED lighting and power conversion, etc. Aluminum heat sink enclosure is suitable to be used as a power heatsink amplifier, power supply, and industrial controls, etc.

    The main advantages of Ruiqifeng aluminum extruded heat sinks are as follows:

    1.One-stop design & manufacturing solutions save your whole cost
    2.Standard existing extruded heat sink with standard size save your initial cost
    3.Fast shipment of standard extruded heat sink size
    4.Thousands available molds for your alternative
    5.Customized your own design with our latest tooling technology

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