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Honors and Adwards

Honors and Adwards

Ruiqifeng's products are widely used in construction, renewable energy, electric vehicles and other fields. In order to ensure that the quality and performance of aluminum profile products meet international standards and provide high-quality products and services, Ruiqifeng has always paid great attention to quality management. It has passed the ISO90001 quality system certification, and is in the process of CE and IATF 16949 certification.

First of all, Ruiqifeng has established a complete quality management system according to the quality system certification requirements, including quality manuals, program documents, work instructions, etc., and continuously improves and perfects the quality management system through internal audits and self-assessments. Through the quality system certification, Ruiqifeng can better organize and manage the production process to ensure that the products meet the design and customer requirements.

Secondly, Ruiqifeng will emphasize process control and continuous improvement. Aluminum profile extrusion is a complex process that requires precise temperature control, extrusion pressure control, and quality control of profile appearance. Ruiqifeng establishes effective process control measures, monitors and records key parameters in each production link, and continuously improves and optimizes the production process through data analysis and management review to improve product stability and consistency.

In addition, Ruiqifeng also pays attention to the improvement of supply chain management and customer satisfaction. The products of aluminum profile extrusion factories often need to be used in conjunction with other parts, so the importance of supply chain management is self-evident. Through the quality system certification, Riqifeng has established a supplier management system to conduct certification assessments on suppliers to ensure that the quality of raw materials and components is controllable. At the same time, we also improve customer satisfaction through quality system certification, and improve product market competitiveness and user stickiness through understanding and satisfying customer needs.

Ruiqifeng has always firmly believed that quality is the guarantee for the long-term development of an enterprise, and we will definitely do a good job in our quality management.


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