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Quality System

Quality Control

Ruiqifeng has established complete aluminium processing industry supply chain and complete production and operation management system from mould design and manufacturing raw material of aluminum bar to extrusion aluminium profiles and deep processing , aluminium surface treatment. So that we can control every step for production.
In the raw material production stage, although the raw material has been strictly audited, we have stictly chemical composition testing, macrostructure testing and microstructure testing. In addition, we will certainly test the hydrogen content of the raw materials. Only raw materials that are tested and qualified can be put into production.

In the production process, we will perform sampling tests on the semi-finished products. If there are unqualified products, we will immediately check where the problem is. Firstly, the three coordinate measuring instruments are used to measure the cross-section size of the product. The cross-section size is the most important factor for the aluminum profile. For these semi-finished products, we will carry out another chemical composition, macrostructure and microstructure test for their materials. Before shipment, we will also test the coating on the surface of aluminum profile several times. These tests include the performance, color, gloss, film thickness test and so on.

Ruiqifeng will also regularly inspect equipment in the processing workshop to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Quality Assurance

Ruiqifeng's Quality Assurance program is continually evolving to meet the requirements of the strict China and international norms. As a top Chinese company, we recognize the importance of compliance and quality in delivering high-value products to customers.

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