Powder coating is an excellent choice for painting aluminum profiles due to its vast selection of colors, varying gloss levels, and exceptional color consistency. This method is widely used and preferred by many. So, when should you consider powder coating?

Benefits of powder coating the surface of aluminium

Powder coating is a highly beneficial technique for enhancing the surface of aluminium. One advantage is that powder coatings can be either organic or inorganic, providing a durable finish that is resistant to chips and scratches. Additionally, powder coatings are more environmentally friendly than traditional paint due to their use of less harmful chemicals.

An appealing aspect of powder coating is its ability to offer a versatile combination of color, function, gloss, texture, and corrosion resistance. By applying a layer of powder coating to the aluminium surface, it not only adds an attractive decorative element but also provides an effective shield against corrosion. The thickness of the coating can range from approximately 20µm to as thick as 200 µm, ensuring long-lasting protection. Overall, powder coating is an eco-friendly and reliable method for enhancing and safeguarding aluminium surfaces.

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Powder coating is a highly repeatable process

The process of powder coating involves several steps. Firstly, the aluminium profile undergoes pre-treatments like degreasing and rinsing. Then, an electrostatic process is employed to apply the powder coating. The powder, which carries a negative charge, is sprayed onto the positively charged aluminium profile. This electrostatic interaction causes the powder particles to temporarily adhere to the surface.Next, the coated profile is heated in a curing oven. The heat melts and flows the powder coating, resulting in the formation of a smooth and continuous film. Once the curing process is completed, a strong bond forms between the coating and the aluminium substrate.It is worth noting that the powder coating process is highly repeatable. In other words, the outcome of the process is predictable and consistent. This reliability ensures that you always obtain the desired results from the powder coating application.

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