Guangxi Ruiqifeng New Material Co., Ltd is one of the biggest aluminum profiles suppliers in China, who have a huge set up to produce quality aluminium profiles for different applications including Window and door aluminum profiles, industrial aluminium profiles and architecture aluminium profiles and aluminum heat sinks. It is no secret that aluminum profiles and heat sinks are being used in almost every industry.
Here, we will be looking at the main products that the company makes.

1, Aluminium Profiles for Windows and Doors
The company offer economical custom design exterior and interior aluminium windows and doors profiles, which have the following features:
1.High quality
2.Affordable prices
3.Prompt delivery
4.Customized designs
5.100% QC inspection before shipment
6.Professional service
7.Excellent material
8.Elegant appearance

2, Aluminium Profiles for industrial and architecture
The temper available for these aluminium profiles are T4, T5, T6, etc. The material used to manufacture are Aluminium Alloy 6063, 6063A, 6060, 6061,6005. They come in different shapes. which include rectangle, round, square, triangle, and some other specific shapes. The modifications can also be done if the client wants it. Usually, the modifications can range from drilling holes, adding mounting brackets, flanged side panels, and other things like that.
Surface treatment can differ in many aspects but mostly the regular anodizing is done through the following methods.
1.Mill finished
4.Powder coated
5.Silver matt
6.Sand blasting

3, Aluminum heat sinks
The aluminum heat sink profile is widely used in the manufacturing of air compressors, automobiles,household appliances such as iron, refrigerators, construction equipment, machinery, and various other equipment for everyday uses. We make sure to avail of one of the best processes of surface treatments for aluminum heat sink profiles to enhance its corrosion resistance feature. Our heat sink profile makes use of up-to-date and efficient sensors, higher power density, and sterling conductivity to ensure the pro efficient dissipation of heat at a fast pace making everyday life activities much easier.
The aluminum heat sink profile is manufactured by making use of various alloys, one of the most known alloy 6063-T6 comprising of tensile strength ≥205MPa, proof stress ≥180MPa, with a HW hardness of less than equal to 1.15.

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